Mining Spares

We supply a comprehensive range and mining spares and equipment for mines of all sizes and types.

We strive to meet the needs of our clients through our dedicated team which has experience working with mining and civil sector clients. We have vast connections with manufacturers and suppliers of mining resources. These are some of the mining articles we supply.

  • Shaft Hoisting Pulleys & Chains
  • Electric Motors
  • Gears & Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Rock Drills

Industrial Equipment

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We supply a host of industrial equipment ranging from pumps, rods, bolts & nuts to protective clothing and much more.

Kindergator Investments supplies only genuine quality products which are dependable, no matter what purpurse you are using them for.

Together with our partners we deliver powerful solutions that meet your specific industry needs and help your business operate efficiently and effectively.

Dependable Parts

Belts - Vee and Wedge Belts
We stock belts from leading manuafacturers like Fenner, Dunlop, India and various others.
Pulleys, sprockets & Chains
We have pulleys, sprockets and chains available in various types and sizes.
Rings and Ring Kits
Our range of O rings & gaskets is applied in various sealing mechanisms. Stock available for chemiclas, generators, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, etc.
Protective Clothing
We offer a comprehensive range of protective clothing from coveralls, masks, eye goggles, helmets and others.